Barnardo’s helps counsel and guide frightened children

Many thousands of children and young people go through periods of mental ill health. When this happens, it can be impossible for them to make and keep friends, manage at school and feel good about themselves. And it can be bewildering for their parents and siblings. Many other children may not be diagnosed as having mental health problems but lack confidence and feel unhappy much of the time.

Children and young people who live in poverty or poor housing are more likely to have mental health problems. Children whose parents have mental health problems often need special help themselves to cope and enjoy their childhood. It is thought that in the UK 1 in 15 young people has self harmed – on average two in every secondary school classroom.

Barnardo's services work with children and young people who have mental health difficulties. We run centres where children and young people can come and we make sure they have a worker to talk to who they can trust. We help them build their confidence and to address the root of their difficulties. We also work with their parents, making sure they feel supported. And we stay in close touch with other professionals.

Barnardo's believes in getting involved early if we can, before a child or young person's problems become very difficult.

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