Barnardo’s finds new families to welcome defenceless children

Not every child has a warm, loving, stable home. Through no fault of their own, many children and young people face neglect, violence, abuse and chaotic surroundings. This can affect every aspect of their life, from progress at school to their ability to form trust and friendships.

Foster care provides a safe, secure and stable environment for these young people. Foster carers provide care to children and young people for a few days, weeks, months or even years. Adoption is a way of giving a child a loving, stable, caring family throughout childhood and beyond. Adoptive parents make a lifelong commitment to a child and take on full parental responsibilities.

Barnardo's has over 100 years' experience of placing children with families.

We provide foster carers with access to our caring team of social workers 24 hours a day. We provide extensive training, helping foster carers gain new skills and enhance existing abilities, and run support groups, where foster carers get the opportunity to meet with other foster carers and social workers.

We provide counselling and therapy to advise adoptive parents on how to create a successful attachment with their child, to help build bridges Barnardo’s finds new families to welcome defenseless children.

Help us find new families to welcome defenseless children.

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