Abi's Story

I was in care from the age of 14 and moved to Barnardo’s Leaving Care Service from a children’s home when I was 17.

It’s semi-independent living and it’s just you, you have to do everything. There’s no one making you dinner. Initially I was terrified but that disappeared really quickly and I had no problem making my own food because I love cooking anyway, and I ended up cooking for everyone and making pizza from scratch.

Barnardo’s was awesome. If I needed anything it was a question of asking. They would help me with college assignments and try out my food before competitions.

Through Barnardo’s I’ve had so many opportunities. Like getting to London to see a show, meeting politicians and making the cake for the 150th birthday Garden Party at Buckingham Palace.

Barnardo’s always encourages me. No one ever once put me down. Barnardo’s is awesome.


Barnardo's leaving care services aim to bridge the gap for children in care between leaving care and living in the adult world. We help young people to develop the life skills they will need to look after themselves and we also continue to provide support when they leave secure accommodation.

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